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About me

If you would like to book with me directly, please contact me at:

I love being creative! I discovered a while back that it's really important for me to pursue my interests and find passion in what I do. We only live once (or so we think ;) ) and I plan on LIVING this one to the fullest.  So whether I'm diving into a new painting, learning how to sing a new song or taking a really cool acting class, I just go for it and have fun.  I'm also pretty active with tennis, rollerblading, urban hikes and I have an awesome dog, Frankie, who keeps me pretty busy.


Voiceover started out as 'just for fun'. But I quickly learned, I had a knack for it.  Through many various classes in acting, improv and VO, I trained how to use my powers for good.  


My voice would be described as pleasing to listen too, trustworthy, warm and demonstrates confidence. I posses a dynamic range that would be great for commercial, narration, e-learning or other corporate voice over projects. I'm professional, articulate, communicate very well and determined. I would be an excellent choice for your next project!

  • Real Voice LA​ - Commercial Voiceover​

  • Trailer Voice Artists - Promo and Trailer with Brent Allen Hagel

  • Terry Berland - Commercial Acting Workshop

  • Private Coaching with Mary Lynn Wissner

  • Private Instruction with Elaine Clark

  • VoiceOne: 

    • Commercial Voiceover, Narration, Corporate-Narration, Characters, Improv, Acting, Script Analysis 

  • First Take Acting

  • Berkley Improv 

  • NYCVoCoach - Commercial VO Intensive with Shelly Shenoy

  • New Conservatory Theater Scene Study, Musical Theater

Work Experience
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Contact me at: